Company guidelines

We act together with a sense of responsibility for our future and for the future of our children. We orientate ourselves on a Christian value system.


We do live in a steadily changing meritocracy. Together we face the challenges and recognize that they can only be mastered through outstanding achievements and the willingness to change. For this we use our potentials, foster and develop them and steadily remind ourselves of our duties.

We conserve resources and avoid waste. It is our responsibility to strive together for success and let others share in it.

We achieve this through our self-imposed principles.


Customer satisfaction

We focus our actions on achieving maximum customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers are the most important prerequisite for sustainable success.

Innovative product

We concentrate on electronic components manufactured by injection molding. For this we need product and process development, tool technology, automation technology and plastic injection molding. Each unit must belong to German market leaders and has to be profitable. We are looking for simple solutions. Creativity, willingness to learn and ability to change are essential for this.

Every step we perform deliberately and with high quality. We work diligently, cost-consciously and are continuously improving. We are committed to achieving the zero-error target.

Continuous improvement

In accordance with the standard requirements we are continuously improving all operations, transactions, procedures and processes. All of the company's employees are committed to doing their utmost to implement this philosophy in their area of responsibility.

Commitment and personal initiative

Our employees show personal commitment and think beyond their field of work.  New ideas are introduced to the company via the company suggestion schemes.

Willingness to learn

Our employees are constantly developing their skills and are open to innovations and changes.  


Our executives are role models. Our employees support each other.

Careful use of resources

To preserve the environment for the next generation, we commit ourselves to the careful use of resources. We avoid wastes of any kind in order to pollute the environment as little as possible.

Conformity with the law

We commit ourselves to complying with all applicable legal and official requirements.

Martin Quarder