Your system specialist for tools with functionally integrated components

We operate toolmaking for injection molding tools in our core business as a part of the Erwin Quarder Group. Our qualified staff, state-of-the-art machinery and automated systems guarantee the shortest possible turnaround times and the fulfillment of the highest quality standards.

We build and deliver fully automatic injection molding processes for your needs:

  • Highly complex mechanical tool solutions
  • Multi-component tools
  • Insert tools
  • Floor and tandem tools
  • Tools for endless-injecting
  • Fully automated injection molding processes in cooperation with our automation technology

In order to meet the high demands of the market, we carry out the entire process in-house under constant quality assurance

  • Product development and tool-oriented article revision
  • Injection molding simulation: simulations for calculation of filling, distortion, mold tempering and more
  • Carrying out an FMEA (Failure mode and error influence analysis) for tools
  • Creation of tool designs
  • Tool making
  • Tool qualification
  • Article design, ability examination

Throughout the process chain, the idea of quality is the basis of our organization and our actions

In the complex development and construction, we lay the foundation for the quality of our precision tools. Process organization and work preparation guarantee seamless production.

A process-oriented organization enables a continuous production with the focus on the customer needs.

Even in the design phase, the manufacturing processes for optimum article production with regard to cycle time and article quality are taken into account by including all specialist departments.

The result: tools of the highest quality for fast cycle times and long service life.


  • CAD software (Catia V5 + NX)


  • Injection molding simulation software for article review and detailed article and process analysis (Cadmould + Moldex 3D)
  • FEM calculations (Abaqus)

Our machinery



  • 1 Deckel DMC 75 V linear
  • 1 Deckel DMC 100V

Milling Center

  • 1 Röders Tec RXP500
  • 2 Röders Tec RXP601 DSH
  • 1 Zeiss Prismo Navigator 7/9/7 /Calypso CNC

All 4 machines are automated in a line with a Fanuc automation

With modern measuring machines and the latest software we meet high expectations and highest requirements. A flexible and rapid testing of the manufactured electrodes and steel parts in the systems is integrated.


Wire EDM (electrical discharge machining)

  • 1 Mitsubishi MV-R
  • 1 Makino U 53K
  • 1 Makino UP 53 I
  • 1 Heun MD-435


  • 2 OPS Gantry Eagle 500

2 machines each in an automated cell

  • 2 OPS Gantry Eagle 500

2 machines each in an automated cell

  • 2 Makino EDNC 43

Automated cell


Spotting Press

  • Rice / Kuka 100 t

Injection molding machine park with closing force from 40 t to 500 t

  • Angel
  • Krauss Maffei
  • Arburg



We use coordinate measuring machines with optical and tactile sensors to measure the dimensions of plastic products during tool qualification and the optimization of tools based on them. A strip light projection scanner facilitates the assessment of possible distortions and sink marks on the article by digitally comparing the article with the CAD model; also the processing of computer tomography data is possible with the associated software. A comprehensive review of the dimensional accuracy of our articles is given throughout.

In the interest of our customers, we have a very high demand for the quality of our work. That is why we operate the quality planning and quality assurance as a continuous and dynamic process, which covers the entire process from development to production to handover to the customer.

Shopfloor management and visual management with key figures are also an important part of our daily work.

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