Lightweight battery housing

The currently most popular material for battery cases is steel. Steel is very heavy, with little flexibility and high costs. Our battery cases are made of continuous glass fibers. These offer a much lower base weight, are very flexible in processing and show a significant cost reduction in the areas of assembly and production.

Key points and advantages of glass fiber reinforced housings

  • The fiber reinforcement by continuous fibers allows partial reinforcement with little technical effort.
  • The reinforcement can be arranged arbitrarily and is very efficient especially for two-dimensional structures.
  • By selecting the type of fiber, the elasticity can be set between 70,000 MPa (glass fiber) and 230,000 MPa (carbon fiber) and thus the "spring stiffness of the housing" can be determined.
  • The wall thickness, shape and size of the continuous filament housing can be adjusted as needed.
  • There is no viscoelastic behavior with continuous fibers. The structure has no significant voltage reduction at high temperatures and long charging times!
  • Substantial weight reduction, as glass fibers are much lighter at 2.6 g / cm3 and carbon fibers at 1.8 g / cm3 than steel at (7.8 g / cm3).


          ► Our battery cases offer extreme strength

              with low elongation and high elasticity.


         ► We reduce by using glass fibers

              the weight of the housing considerably.

         ► There are no limits to your shape and size requirements.

              Because of using glass fibers, we are extremely flexible.


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