Cell Temperature Sensor

The cell temperature sensor ZTS-10 is used to sense the temperature of the cells of a battery. Especially when using lithium-ion cells, the monitoring of the cell temperature is necessary. Temperature changes of the battery cells occur for several reasons, such as ambient temperature, as well as electrical load cycles of the battery cells. Too high temperatures have an adverse effect on the life of the battery cells. The further increase in temperature results in an exothermic reaction in the battery cell, which can lead to fire damage to the battery system. If the temperatures are too low, the capacity of the battery cell is limited, which can lead to reduced power consumption during charging.

Your advantages when using our sensor:

  • Automatic assembly from the blister strip in printed circuit board production
  • We guarantee a secure solderability in the highest class up to 6 months storage time
  • High cleanliness requirements - no critical metallic particles on your PCB
  • The sensor can be reflowed fully automatically after mounting on the PCB - it can withstand> 200 ° C without any pretreatment without damage
  • The springy head presses on the battery cell and thus compensates for the manufacturing tolerances of the entire system safely
  • The sensor has a short response time, providing your BMS with up-to-date cell temperature data
  • The design of the sensor has been carried out so that the ambient temperature has only a very small influence on the measured value
  • The spring force was chosen so that on the one hand the load on the PCB is low and on the other hand, the Andrückkaft ensures a good temperature transition
  • The sensor head surface is extremely flat and smooth - ensuring perfect heat transfer
  • The sensor is designed for a high vibration and shock load (up to 30G)
  • The sensor is qualified according to AEC-Q200
  • The sensor is thermally stable (-40 ° C to + 150 ° C)

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