High customizability, minimal attack surfaces and low assembly costs characterize our developed system for a fast, efficient and cost-effective cooling of your energy source.

Adaptation to individual requirements

However, our hybrid cooling not only impresses with the highly efficient connection of the elements plastic and aluminum, but also with its individual design options.

Depending on your requirements, our cooling system can be built in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The cooling system also offers the possibility of direct integration into the battery case.

An automatic assembly is already possible during the injection molding process and therefore saves time and costs.

Through a targeted guidance of the water pipes hotspots of your battery can be cooled directly and highly efficiently.

Integration of plastic and aluminum

The right picture shows the structure of aluminum. It is characterized by numerous branches, angles and cavities.

Our plastic injection molding technique allows these spaces to seamlessly connect to many and make a direct connection with the aluminum.

Not only do we save numerous work steps such as mounting connecting screws, installing gaskets or soldering, we also reduce the risk of breakage of the product.

In tests carried out, the breaking stress was 120 MPa in a temperature range of 23 ° C.


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