Erwin Quarder Tooling Technology

Product Development

The spectrum of services provided by our product development team ranges from the inception of an idea to tool specific part optimization. Close consultation between our designers and the customer lays the groundwork for successful project completion. Since some components contain electrical traces, developing a flat shape from a 3D contour and subsequent layout is also considered part of the product development process. Throughout the development process attention is given to injection mold feasibility and a cost effective manufacturing process.

Short development cycles are considered to be as essential as the fully documented results of our work.

Part Spectrum

We develop products for customers from the most diverse areas of industry. However, our main focus lies in the automotive sector.

Our product spectrum ranges from

  • complex plastic components to
  • MuCell components
  • 2-component parts
  • Components with integrated stampings like wire bus bars
  • integration of flexible circuits (foils) into plastic components
  • Assemblies comprised of plastic and electronic elements