Erwin Quarder Automation Systems


We act in unison and take responsibility for our future and for that of our children. We orient ourselves along the Christian value system.

We live in a constantly changing, highly demanding society. We face these challenges together and understand that we will only be successful through above average performance. To accomplish this we encourage and develop our potentials and accept our responsibilities.

We conserve resources and avoid waste.

In being responsible, we strive towards success and share it with others.

We achieve this by:

Customer satisfaction
Our actions are geared towards achieving highest customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers are the most important requirement for sustained success.

Innovative Products
We focus on electronic, injection molded components, which we produce by utilizing product and process development, Automation Systems, Tooling Technology and our injection molding facility. Each unit must be a top performer in the German marketplace and be profitable. We strive for simple solutions. Creativity and the ability to learn and change is vital.

Every task is carried out purposefully and in high quality. We work conscientiously, are aware of cost and continually improve ourselves. Our goal is zero-defects.

Continuous Improvement
In accordance with our standards, we continuously improve all of our actions, measures and processes. All of our employees are obligated to implement this philosophy in their areas of responsibility.

Engagement und Personal Initiative
Our employees demonstrate initiative and peer beyond their own field of activity. New ideas are introduced into the company through the internal suggestion system.

Aptitude for Learning
Our employees continually develop their capabilities and are open minded towards change and new developments.

Our managers serve as examples and our employees support each other.

Conservation of Resources
In order to preserve our environment for the generations to come, we obligate ourselves to conserve resources. We avoid all types of waste in order to minimize our impact on the environment.

Legal Compliance

We are committed to complying with all statutory and regulatory requirements.

Martin Quarder