Erwin Quarder Automation Systems

Product Line

Station for transferring flex-foils to pick-and-place robot
Detailed view of automation system for production of electrical component carriers for the automotive industry
Automatic singulation and loading system for connector pins with tabs
Detailed view of automated singulation and loading system for connector pins with tabs
Kuka industrial robot
Gripper for simultaneous insertion and removal of components and parts
Preparation of components for over molding
Interlinking of robots to a complex and highly flexible automation group
In-line verification of plastic components with camera system
Complex load/unload gripper handling finished parts, full and empty slide inserts and flex foils
Transfer system for assembly, soldering and component testing
Pick-and-place machine for precise trimming, testing and placement of strip fed hall sensors
Part removal from tandem tool and packaging in returnable containers
Manufacture of continuous extrusion profiles
Production of sensor housings with 8+8 cavity shuttle mold
In-Mold-Labeling application for decorated surfaces